Little Girl Maya:

A little girl named Maya used to reside in a tiny community at the base of a large mountain range.

Little Girl Maya:
Little Girl Maya:

Maya was a gifted and inquisitive youngster who was constantly ready to discover new things. Maya had a strong desire to learn despite having a modest house and few means, and she was adamant about pursuing her goals.

There was a school in Maya’s hamlet, but it was little and underdeveloped. She nevertheless went every day and tried to learn as much as she could. Maya would ask her teacher for more assignments to complete after finishing her schooling in an effort to challenge herself.

Maya learned of a prominent school at the summit of the tallest mountain from a traveler who once passed through the community. The institution was well known for its top-notch instructors, cutting-edge amenities, and demanding curriculum. The idea of entering such a school and receiving instruction from the best made Maya’s heart soar.

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