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Barbie lives in Barbie Land and then a story happens:

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The upcoming movie Barbie” will premiere in theatres on July 21, 2023. Do you want to know who will be the star of Barbie opposite Ryan Gosling’s Ken, the production company of the film is Lucky Chap Entertainment.

The movie is the upcoming American romantic comedy based on the fashion doll line by Mattel and directed by Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling lead an ensemble cast as Barbie and Ryan Gosling. Ken.

About Story:

“Barbie, a doll living in a fantastical land called Barbie’s land, is kicked out for not meeting the high standards of perfection. She embarks on a journey in the real world, where she learns that what truly matters is self-confidence and inner beauty. As she travels, Barbie discovers that true happiness comes from within, not from external appearances. Eventually, she returns to Barbie’s land with the goal of saving it and spreading the message of self-acceptance. Along the way, she realizes that she was expelled from the doll’s world for not fitting their unrealistic standards of beauty.”

Top Cast of Barbie movie:

Margot Robbie. (Is playing the role of barbie)

Will Ferrell.

Ryan Gosling. Ken.

Emma Mackey.

Connor Swindells.

Rhea Perlman.

Nicola Coughlan. Kate McKinnon.

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