Kim Jong Un, Black Laws Of North Korea

Kim Jong Un Black Laws, From international calls to mandatory nightly load-shedding, North Korea’s rules you might not believe

Kim Jong Un, Black Laws Of North KoreaThe Black Laws Of North Korea
The Black Laws Of North Korea

Pyongyang (Monitoring Desk) In North Korea, the government has implemented some laws that the people of the outside world will be shocked to hear. which is as follows:

Ban on foreign films and songs

Foreign films, dramas and songs are banned in North Korea, which can be punishable by death. There are only three TV channels in North Korea and they broadcast content according to the government’s will.

Making international phone calls is a crime

It is also a crime for North Korean citizens to make international phone calls. In 2007, a factory owner who made international phone calls without permission was put to death in front of a firing squad in front of 150,000 people.

This man had installed 13 phones in the basement of his factory, from which he used to make calls to foreign countries.

Death penalty for disloyalty to Kim Jong-un

Disloyalty to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is punishable by death. In 2005, the country’s defense minister, Hyun Yang-kol, was shot in front of a cannon in front of 100 people. His crime was that he fell asleep during a meeting with Kim Jong-un.

Punishment for three generations

The The Black Laws In North Korea, if a person commits a crime, not only he is punished, but his grandparents, parents and children are also punished. This terrible law was created to prevent people from escaping from prisons.

Government approved hairstyles

In North Korea, 10 hairstyles are approved by the government for men and 18 for women. Cutting hair in any style other than these 28 styles is a crime. These 28 styles do not include the hairstyle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The purpose of this law is to keep their hair style unique.

A baseball game

The rules of the baseball game are the same all over the world, but in North Korea they have been changed. For example, in North Korea if you miss 3 shots, you are deducted one point.

A permit is required for residence in the capital, Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un wants only the most influential, wealthy and successful people to live in the capital, so a special permit is required to live in the city.

Students paying for their own desks and chairs

In North Korean schools, students have to pay for their own desks and chairs. These things are not provided to them in school fees.

Ban on the Bible

The Bible is banned in North Korea because it is considered a symbol of Western culture. A Christian woman, who was caught distributing Bibles among the people, was sentenced to death.

iPhones and laptops banned

The North Korean government has banned the products of Apple and a few other companies. Therefore, possession of iPhones and laptops and other products of some other companies is prohibited for North Korean citizens.

Strict customs rules

If you are a tourist, North Korean customs officers will thoroughly check your possession of songs, movies and written materials and only then will you be allowed to enter the country.

Jail campus

It is said that 200,000 North Koreans live in the prison campus. He was arrested for alleged political crimes. If a person is convicted of a political crime, his entire family is also arrested.

If a person escapes from prison, his entire family is killed. 40% of the people incarcerated in these prison campuses die of malnutrition. They are subjected to forced labor in the campus and most of them remain in this state of destitution until their death.

Different calendars

North Korea’s calendar is different from the rest of the world. The calendar begins on April 15, 1912, the birth date of North Korean revolutionary leader Kim Il Sung.

A single election candidate

North Korean elections require all citizens over the age of 17 to vote, but in each election there is only one option on the ballot paper, Kim Jong-un. Therefore, in every election, Kim Jong-un is elected as the ruler of the country with 100% votes.

Kim Il Sung is the only true leader

In North Korea, Kim Jong Il is considered the only real leader of the country. This is the reason why his son was the ruler after him and now his grandson is the absolute ruler of the country.

Narcotics banned but cannabis widely available

Possession, use or sale of drugs is a crime in North Korea, but cannabis grows like wild plants on roadsides and if a local wants to use it, there is no stopping them.

Defamation of the ruler or his family is a serious crime

Defamation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his family is a serious crime that carries the death penalty.

Prohibition to leave the country

You may wonder why the people of North Korea are suffering from such strict laws, why don’t they flee the country? This is because North Korean citizens are banned from leaving the country. Any citizen who crosses the border without official documents is shot by the guards.

Strict rules for tourists

All tourists to North Korea are closely monitored. Each tourist is provided with a guide, who stays with him at all times. If a tourist leaves his group or tries to talk to a local person, he is arrested

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