Salary Scale increase proposes action for health personnel in efforts to attract more doctors

They also propose the revision of the salary scale of the SAAS, to favor the search for the necessary medical personnel

Action presented the health proposals this Tuesday. The candidate for head of government of the political formation, Judith Pallarés, has explained that the main objective in the next legislature is “to recover the reins of what is the vision of health and the work that must be done in this area .

We have the impression that the SAAS and the CASS are the ones who end up making the decisions and we believe that the Ministry of Health must be able to have the tools, together with the people involved, to recover the situations and reverse them.

The revision of the salary scale of the SAAS
Action wants to strengthen the weight of the ministry on the CASS and the SAAS for the Salary Sacale.

Another key point of the political training is the revision of the salary scale of the SAAS, to favor the search for the medical personnel necessary to improve the quality of care at the hospital. 

“We have more and more difficulties in finding human resources, we have a problem to be competitive at the labor level in this area about salary scale.

There is a problem of wages and housing that has a direct impact in this regard, we will have to review these salary scale proposals, not only for these services that we urgently require, but with regard to the entire structure of the SAAS”, explained Judith Pallarés.

On the other hand, the candidate for head of Action Government has indicated that “a more determined commitment to mental health is needed, with more resources and its own space, to provide the service to all citizens, from the youngest , up to the older ones.” 

In this sense, Pallarés has celebrated the agreement that the Government and the College of Psychologists reached last week, to include mental health in the portfolio of services of the CASS, “which can be part of the portfolio of services with minimums, so that the Government can support the families who need it most” and consider the salary scale.

With this dedicated space for mental health services, Acció believes that the hospital’s services could be modified and more spaces needed to improve the quality of care. 

However, from the political perspective, they consider it a priority to find human resources before talking about modifying or expanding the hospital’s facilities and salary scale.

In this sense, and with regard to the emergency service, Pallarés has considered that “having a centralized emergency service will make it easier for the emergency services to have more personnel available to attend to patients and not to respond to a telephone. This can be an improvement and we hope it will be taken forward during this legislature.”

Finally, and linked to the will of the political formation to regain leadership of the country’s health policy, Action has announced that they will intensify preventive policies. “We like to talk a lot about sport for the elderly, but we also have to look for ways to connect young people, through sports educators, to have a healthier life,” Pallarés said.

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