Use of Technology in Cricket:

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Use of Technology in Cricket

Performance analysis:

Cricket teams use a range of tools in the Technology in Cricket, such as video analysis software and wearable technology, to evaluate individual and team success. With the help of these tools, players and trainers can analyse video of their own and their opponents’ performances to spot areas for development and devise plans. For instance, a player can use video analysis to examine their own bowling technique or a batsman’s footwork. Smartwatches and other wearable technology can provide information on a player’s bodily performance, including speed, distance traveled, and pulse rate.

Umpire decision review system (DRS):

Referee decision-making process DRS Using technology in Cricket like slow-motion replays and ball-tracking devices, the DRS method enables umpires to examine their judgements. it was implemented to increase the clarity of decisions made in cricket, especially when the umpire’s original decision was unclear. judgements regarding dismissals, such as lbw and caught behind, as well as run-out and stumping judgments, are reviewed using the drs. Its use is governed by a number of guidelines and restrictions and is not used in all choices.


Hawk-eye Hawk-eye is a computer device that uses multiple sensors to monitor the flight of the ball and anticipate its course Technology in Cricket. It is used to help judges make judgements regarding boundary and lbw challenges. It can also be used to analyse the flight and rotation of the ball, which can be helpful for players and coaches.

Stump microphones:

In the technology in Cricket the system uses sophisticated algorithms to compute the ball’s trajectory and forecast its route based on the data gathered by the cameras. In order for umpires to make lbw judgments, stump mics are positioned close to the stumps at either end of the field. These microphones are used to record audio of the ball striking the stumps or a batsman’s pads. As spectators can more clearly hear the ball’s impact on the stumps or pads thanks to the audio, it can also be used to improve their watching experience.

Broadcast technology:

The way cricket is aired on television has also been significantly impacted by transmission technology. cameras with excellent resolution In addition to television broadcasts, technology in Cricket has also revolutionised how cricket is streamed online, making it easier for fans to watch live matches on their devices. Slow-motion replays and other features allow viewers to see the action more clearly and in greater detail, helping to make cricket more accessible and enjoyable for fans around the world.

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